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Help for Your Ageing Cat/Dog

"She's just not acting like herself. She's not jumping up as much and is sleeping more. Is something wrong or is it just old age?" I get this question A LOT. "Just old age" seems to imply that there's nothing we can do to help brighten our beloved companion's life as they start to show signs of ageing.

Happily there are many things we can do to help them age well with limber joints, good appetites and "normal" behaviors.

Start NOW, Don't Wait

  1. Healthy lifestyle. Ageing well is most often founded in a safe home, healthy diet, appropriate exercise, mental stimulation, and just as for us, a sense of purpose, belonging and LOVE. Humans are becoming more aware of the importance of purpose in our lives, but did you know that your animals need this as well? What's your companion's purpose? It might surprise you.

  2. Know your companion's individual needs. For dogs, breed will be a big factor in their physical and mental needs. For example, working dogs -- herding dogs especially need lots of exercise and a clear "job" or "jobs." Without these, anxiety and behavior problems often happen. Companion dogs -- small breeds, need lots of touch, attention and companionship with their humans. All dogs need jobs and a sense or belonging. A pack of 2 is just as valuable as a bigger pack. What job does your dog have and how's the pack functioning for everyone at this time?

3. As dogs and cats age, they will sleep more, but will still need companionship, stimulation and exercise. What kind of stimulation does yours need?

4. Diet & Supplements. Older dogs and cats often need simpler, less processed foods as their digestive tracts have slowed down in their ability to absorb nutrients. Is your companion getting what he needs? Many symptoms of ageing indicate insufficiencies or deficiencies in these areas. With the right foods and supplements, pain meds, drugs and rapid declines can often be avoided, or at least postponed. I've seen it more times than I can count!

5. Emotional & Energetic Support. One of the most beautiful ways to support your ageing animal is by giving them Flower Essences. These are not essential oils, but the energetic essences of flowers, trees and herbs. Bach Flowers, Perelandra Essences, Jackson Galaxy's "Solutions, Green Hope Farm's "Animal Wellness Collection," and my own Unity Essences are examples of these. You definitely want to include essences in caring for your beloved elder. Which are best for your animal?

To find the answers to these questions for your companion, let's do an animal communication session. With the info you'll receive you'll be able to help your dog, cat, as well as horse, bunny and any elder, age more gracefully and happily. Click here if you're new to me. Here if you're a returning client. I'm looking forward to supporting you both!

With Love, Your voice of Animals,


PS If you'd like more info, health, communication tips, and more, join my email list here. You'll also receive my free gift, "My 14 Steps to Animal Communication." Your animals will thank you!

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