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Meet Kate

Kate with baby goat
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Africa Sept 2018

Annual Animal Communication trip to Kenya

Interspecies Communicator, Author, Teacher, Spokesperson for All Animals

Kate, President of Kinship Enterprises, has been dedicated to solving problems and nurturing animal/human understanding and wellness since 1992.

"My passion is giving voice to all members of the animal kingdom so that they can participate with human beings in improving their own health and well-being as well as that of all species and the planet. 


My purpose is to give animals a say in their care and in our world, and to facilitate interspecies communication for the best and highest good of all. I am a trailblazer in the field of animal communication, or interspecies communication, with wild animals, as well as with companion animals.


I am a recognized expert in dog and cat care, behavior counseling, nutrition, Flower Essence therapy, and energy healing, I address the whole animal—body, mind, and spirit.


For more than 25 years, I have built bridges between humans and their animal companions by translating animals’ thoughts, feelings, and needs. To help us better understand our kinship with animals, I have authored six books (published in nine languages) and co-edited a seventh with author and playwright, Michael Tobias. Click on CV for my entire career (so far...)

In 2018, I began co-facilitating trips to Kenya to support our small group of fellow travelers in communing with, communicating to, and deepening their connection with the wild animals and the orphaned elephants of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


With a major in theater, it is not surprising that I relish teaching and speaking about animals. I have been featured nationally and internationally on stage, radio, and television. 


I am often asked how a traditional woman with a traditional upbringing and a fine education came to be an animal communicator and spokesperson."

Read my personal journey.

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