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Animal Communication

for New Clients

(Returning Clients go to "Returning Clients")

Hear the messages from your animal companion to learn specifics so you may work together to make a difference in a behavior, issue or challenge for lasting change.

When we begin, it works best to book two sessions. The first session gathers info from your animal(s) and directs the plan towards solving or making the desired changes. The follow-up session proves it's effectiveness/success and/or allows you to get more feedback and guidance from your animal.

Done this way, you'll learn how to best help your animal and I'm better able to support you both through the process of changing and healing.

Step 1: Choose a package:

A) "Optimal Results One" package for one animal. You'll get: 1) One, half-hour phone session, 2) My written plan  with links and resources, 3) One, half-hour follow up phone session, $279.*


B) "Optimal Results Two" package for two-or-more animals OR for more discussion time for one animal. You'll get: 1) One, one-hour phone session, 2) My written plan with links and resources,  3) One, one-half to one-hour follow up phone session, $479.*

*Overtime or additional time $59 for every 15 minutes


Step 2: Request a day and time that works for you.  I'll send a confirmation and an invoice.

Step 3: Prepare 3-5 questions for your animal. Any issue or combination of issues are welcome

Step 4: Once our session has been scheduled, you'll receive a Zoom invite with the link.



Cancellation Policy: Your session must be cancelled 24 hours in advance for a refund or rescheduling. Emergencies discussed.

In-Person Sessions are possible on a limited basis. Email me at for details.

Kate and Simon Cat
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