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Just as a wolf pack restores harmony to an ecosystem, our Harmony Pack is dedicated to re-creating harmony, first within ourselves, next between humans, animals, plants and all our kin, so we can restore our balance within the global community of all on Mother Earth.

wolf pair

Do You Dream of Learning from Animals?

The Harmony Pack Supports You, Your Animals, and Mother Earth

As a member of the Harmony Pack you will...

  • Meet weekly with Kate each month on an hour-long live zoom to receive guidance, coaching, meditations, and exercises from a specific species or "Council" of animals.

  • Through the animal Council's energy and teachings, the animals direct members to look at and heal those areas of our lives that need love and healing.

  • The animal Councils coach members to refine or define their purpose to bring more joy and harmony to daily life, work, and relationships.

  • As you heal yourself through this partnership, you step into your sacred purpose.

  • With this renewed balance and focus, members are able to move beyond themselves, to help their families, communities, and ultimately make a bigger difference to all animals, ecosystems and our Earth.

  • The animal Councils show us how to remember and feel once more that we are part of One Pack -- the family of all living beings. When we listen to the animals, they guide us to co-creating solutions that transform the separation poisoning our world into loving connection and Harmony.


The Harmony Pack, where loving humans and more-than-humans connect in shared sacred purpose.

Best Value

Harmony Pack



Every month

Four or more one hour live Zoom sessions weekly hosted by Kate

Valid until canceled

Receive "coaching" from wild animals with actionable steps

Grow past separation to connection with the natural world

Learn how to give back to Mother Earth, reverse human damage

Develop your Interspecies Intuitive Communication

Be part of a community dedicated to shifting consciousness

Learn more about animal nutrition, healing modalities

Get priority session scheduling

Receive weekly newsletters on pet health & more

Get discounts on classes & workshops

Access to our Extensive Library of Free recordings

Choose a donation to an animal cause/org every year

Jackie Saling. OR

"The message made me realize I need to listen to my heart more often and not let "life" get in the way of my dreams, ambitions or more importantly my PURPOSE. I put my purpose on hold to work, pay the bills, worry, etc. I must make time to just "be." And it reminded me to always do the right thing. It was powerful! Open the heart and love. That is what matters." 

Marlene Zeleznick, CO

"Thank you for such a wonderful call Kate. So often I feel overwhelmed with information, but you offer just the right dose in an easy to digest form.  My biggest takeaway though is the inspiration I felt to use the essences not only on my dog, but my whole family."

Aleksandra Heichel, FL

"Our sessions open my eyes and make me aware of our connection with animals and Nature. Now I am more in tune with the messages animals and nature share with us and how they help me heal. I am learning how to open my heart and listen to my intuition. Every session provides an opportunity to learn from the universal wisdom of the animal world found in Nature."

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