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Peaceful Transitions

Connections to Animals in Spirit

Many, many families have been able to feel confident when the “time was right,” or trust their animal to pass on his own once I've communicated with them. Hear what yours wants you to know now. 

Step 1: Request a day and time that's best for you. I'll confirm an send an invoice.


Step 2: Choose a Session:  

1) One, half-hour phone session, $129*

2) One, one-hour phone session, $229*.


*Overtime or additional time $59 for every 15 minutes


Step 3: Prepare questions for your animal. Examples: "Are you hurting?" What helps you feel better, worse?" "How will you show us you're ready?"

If they are nearing their transition, it's lovely to ask, "What did you come to teach and to learn?" "Did you accomplish your mission?"

Animals in Spirit


These 2 questions can also be asked once they are in spirit, as I can communicate with animals after they have passed.

If your animal has passed, we can communicate with them about what happened from their perspective, get closure on their passing, and talk about where they are now. We can also explore if they'd like to return in a new body.

Step 4: Email me a good face picture of your animal to

Step 5: Once our session has been scheduled, I'll send you a Zoom invite with the link.



NOTE: Sessions may also include energy re-balancing, soul clearing/ healing if your animal requests it. I can design a mixture of  Flower Remedies or Unity Essences for grief support for you or other animal family members, at no extra charge.

Cancellation Policy: Your session must be cancelled 24 hours in advance for a refund or rescheduling. Emergencies discussed.

Angelic cat
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