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Returning Clients

More Time for Your Companion

1) One, one-hour phone session, $225*

2) One, half-hour phone session, $125*

*Overtime or additional time $50 for every 15 minutes



3) Purchase a package: Four, half-hour phone sessions: $400, (savings: $100) You have one year to use these from the time of purchase and can use them for any of my services with any of your animals.


4) Schedule, then Kate will send you a Zoom invite for your session. Please email me at to be sure I have a current photo of your animal.


NOTE: Sessions may also include energy re-balancing/distance healing if your animal requests it. Flower Remedies or Unity Essences may also be designed or recommended if helpful. Finally, diet and supplement recommendations may also be part of the same session if called for, at no extra charge.

In-Person Sessions are possible on a limited basis. Click on the link below for details.

And for YOU...I invite your animals to advise and guide us in your healing and/or questions about your purpose and mission!  NOTE: This service is only for returning clients whose animals I know and love.

Choose one hour or one half hour for yourself. Click on "Schedule Here" below.

Sleeping Dogs
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