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Unity "Flower" Essences Custom-Blended by Kate for Balanced Emotions

Ever wonder how you can help your animal:

  • Leave fear and trauma behind?

  • Change difficult behaviors?

  • Travel or move more easily?

  • Cope with your absence?

  • Handle visitors?

  • Calmly go to the vet's?

  • Recover/heal faster?

  • Detach from your stress?


One extremely effective way is the gentle healing power of flower essences. Unity Essences are my version of flower essences (also known as flower remedies), blended with color, energy center orientation and Love!


Unity Essences are scentless, tasteless and are so easy to administer to animals because they do not have to be given by mouth!


Unity Essences re-connect the body, thoughts, emotions and spirit for greater health, balance and wholeness. Based in vibrational frequencies, each Unity Essence is customized for an individual animal and/or person. Often a remedy is created to unify two-

or-more animals to promote cooperation and household harmony.


Unity Essences are customized* to support a greater sense of peace and calm for animals and their people:

  • Balanced relationships

  • Appropriate behaviors

  • Good choices

  • Training

  • Performing calmly and happily

  • Change

  • Healing traumas

  • Healing injuries

  • Pre-surgery calm, post-surgery recovery

  • All transitions including: moving, a new animal/human joining the family, death and dying

  • Grief and acceptance


Changes have included:

  • Fighting between animals stopped

  • Inappropriate elimination problems solved

  • Infection, swelling, and pain decreased

  • Surgery and post-op healing smoothly facilitated

  • Unrestricted attention and more consistent focus 

  • Performance at dog and horse shows greatly improved

  • Increased connection and understanding, , positive outlook strengthened for concerned guardians, and more ...


Unity Essences can be added to food and water, even water shared by multiple animals. As "energetic medicine," they help each animal or person who resonates with them. Put a few drops on your fingers then smooth your hands over your animal's ears or belly—wherever they enjoy being touched and where some skin can be reached. The essences can even be added to water in a spray bottle. Then bedding, pet carriers, the car and any room can be misted to help calm and soothe a troubled animal.

Human companions can add drops to water, or take drops directly from the bottle as needed. Before bed is helpful and as often as needed during a crisis or grieving process for a gentler, more graceful experience. 


Results vary according to individual situations AND the human guardian's belief and commitment. If a guardian doesn't believe that the essences will help, their animal will sense this and create an energetic block in order to support their guardian. Energetic medicine requires a positive, cooperative attitude and a commitment to change that is in the highest good of all.


Unity Essences are available in one-ounce dropper bottles ($29.99 including shipping) and now also in two-ounce dropper or spray bottles ($35.99) - perfect for traveling, misting rooms, bedding, carriers, cars, humane traps, travel/show crates, etc.

*Because they are customized for each animal's situation, an animal communication session is required. Email me at to discuss.

dog sniffing cat
Unity Essences Testimonials

Ruth A. - New Mexico

"The remedy worked beautifully. Abbi (dog) improved, and especially her communication with me improved. I'm sure you see it often, but it's as if once she knew I was listening, or at least wanting to, she made her gestures very direct and responded to me more quickly. Our relationship definitely deepened. Slip-sliding in the house got much better; I also got more scatter rugs. But the rugs are still somewhat slippable so I know it's her confidence that's changed."


Connie M. - Connecticut

"Piper (ferret) is getting the essences in a communal water bowl and I do mist her when I remember. Well, Friday night she actually kissed me! On the cheek, with no bites. She did it several times and I almost cried!"


Diana T. - Philadelphia

"I started using Unity Essences last fall after my cat, Norm, began spraying around the house several times a day. I had just brought my childhood cat, Spotty, to live with me, Norm, and my other cat, Daisy. Norm especially was feeling extremely insecure and intruded upon. I tried plug-in herbal remedies, multiple litter boxes, and other sprays and treatments with no results. The behavior only got worse over time, to the point where Norm would also attack Spotty and not let him in the same room as him.


Once I spoke to Kate and tried all three cats on the Unity Essences, Norm's spraying began to lessen dramatically. He also stopped bullying Spotty as frequently and became much more tolerant.


Within two months, Norm had gone from urinating around the house 3-5 times a day to only once a month. Now a year later, I only have an incident with him once every 4-6 weeks, and then only when he's very upset that I'm on vacation.


The cats are getting along much better and even share my bed (with some very occasional mild paw swatting). I just want to thank Kate for her assistance.


I highly recommend the Unity Essences for anyone with a similar spraying or behavioral problem."

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