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Diet Planning

For a Lifetime of Health

Step 1: Schedule, pick a day and time that works for you.


Step 2: Choose a package:

A) "Optimal Results One" package for one animal, and Includes: 1) One, half-hour phone session, 2) Written plan by Kate, 3) One, half-hour follow-up phone session, $275. 

B) "Optimal Results Two" package for two-or-more animals OR for more discussion time with  one animal, and Includes: 1) One, one-hour phone session, 2) Written plan by Kate, 3) One, one-half to one-hour follow up phone session, $475.

I have found that the best results happen when we're able to create a plan with a follow up after an initial session. This way, I'm able to support both you and your animal through the process of changing over to a new diet for maximum success and and healing.

NOTE: Sessions may also include energy re-balancing/distance healing if your animal requests it. Flower Remedies or Unity Essences may also be designed or recommended if helpful, at no extra charge.

Step 3: Prepare Be ready to tell Kate what supplements, medications, specific canned, dry or raw foods you're currently feeding, as well as all health challenges and/or behavior issues your animal is currently having..


Step 4: Email (Don't text) Kate a good face picture of your animal to


Step 5: Call Kate at your appointment time (303)834-9150. (Not a mobile phone)

PLEASE NOTE: I will be out of the office until Feb 17, 2020 on an Animal Communication trip to Africa. You can schedule your session for when I return. Thank you.