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Bach Flowers for Animals
with Kate Solisti

You, the Healer: Make Your Own Healing Remedies for Your Animal and Human Family

Are you ready to become the "Healer in the House?" 

Once you learn my method for creating personalized Bach Flower Remedies, you'll have a life-long tool to address any emotional, stressful situations your animal may ever encounter and support them in being calm, focused and happy. 


  • Learn how to identify the best remedies and combinations for different situations and problems.


  • Create a custom remedy for your animal's comfort or to address a current or upcoming situation. 


  • Understand how to use your intention to amplify any remedy's effectiveness.


  • Receive my beautiful Bach Flower Chart , a quick guide to each remedy. My chart has something unique (and critical) added you won't find elsewhere.


  • Easily develop this amazing tool for yourself and your family (animal & human) to support health, facilitate changes in behaviors, improve learning/retention, and supply comfort through stressful events, transitions and ageing. 


The Bach Flower Remedies/Essences have been successfully helping my own and hundreds of my client's animals for over 30 years, and they'll help yours as well. 









They're a perfect, gentle, yet powerful tool everyone should have in their healing toolbox. Now you'll have them too. Hooray for your animals!

For $39.99 you'll receive:

1) The one hour plus recorded class with a real-life case and great Q's & A's.

2) My beautiful chart of the Bach Flowers, especailly created for animals and their situations.

3) A worksheet that you can use forever to choose and create your customized remedies for your animals.

4) Resources for purchasing the Bach Remedies and learning more about their successes with humans and animals for almost 100 years!

Click on the link below to order and receive your personal download. The chart, worksheet, and resources will be sent to you in a follow up email. You'll be able to begin healing your animals today! They thank you and I thank you.

Bach Flower Class for Animals

Bach Flower Class for Animals

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