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Who's Keeping you up at Night?

"Help! Charlie wakes us up a couple times a night. I don't know what he wants and it's making us miserable!"

Do you have a cat or dog who starts meowing, whining, jumping or pawing at your bed late at night or in the wee hours of the morning?

Many of my animal communication clients have shared this problem with me and asked me to please talk with their beloved to find out why or tell me, "Please make him stop!"

Honestly, "Please make him stop," makes me cringe because 1) That's not something I can do. 2) It doesn't address the reason he's doing this. A much better and more respectful way to begin is to 1) ask why is Charlie doing this. 2) What does he need? 3) Does he understand why we can't keep getting awakened? 4) How can we help him stay quiet and let us sleep?

Don't Wait

As soon as your cat or dog starts waking you up for 2-3 days running, you need to find out why. It could be pain, a medical issue that needs rapid attention, OR something he's trying to alert you about YOU. If you suspect pain or a medical issue get him to the vet ASAP.

If you don't see any other changes in his eating/elimination habits or behavioral changes, you can schedule a session with me or another animal communicator of your choice to find out what your "Charlie" wants and why he's expressing himself this way.

If this behavior has been going on for weeks or months, it's also urgent that we find out why. There can be many reasons, and experts will tell you what those might be, but in an animal communication we'll zero in on what his personal reasons are. Once we find out what he needs and wants, I have tools and resources to support you both in restoring harmony and peaceful nights. This saves time and gets you back to getting a good night's sleep much quicker than trying to address different causes that just aren't his.

So don't ignore, punish or hope he'll just stop. Find out what's up ASAP to address his needs and prevent a habit from developing.

With Love, Your Voice of Your Animals,


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