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The #1 Thing Your Dog Needs

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

You can spend thousands of dollars at the vet in one weekend on test after test, expensive medications, appetite stimulants, antibiotics, unnecessary vaccines, flea, tick and mosquito insecticides, joint support, prescription diets (eek!)...

What if there was ONE thing, besides your love, that could help eliminate the need for all this AND help them live a long, health life? Would you do it? Of course you would. One thing? The right diet. That's correct, feeding your dog the diet that's best for them at various times of their lives is the single most important gift you can give them for a long, healthy life.

What's the "Right" Diet?

Every dog is different and there is not one diet that's right for every dog. Some do better on raw, but not all. I have seen many elderly dogs in my animal communication practice raised on raw, but are no longer thriving on it. What's next?

I've been researching and designing personalized diets for dogs and cats for decades and I'm excited to announce I have a new tool to help you in the search for the best diet for your dog!

Chinese Medicine Food Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has looked to food therapy and food "cures" for thousands of years to treat every disease you can think of in humans and animals. Vets trained in TCM, and there are not many, create diets to treat animals based in Five Element Theory. The Five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. A human or animal constitution as well as imbalances, diseases acute and chronic all fall withing these categories. For example a dog with some diarrhea, vomiting issues, back pain, incontinence, and leg weakness likely has a water element imbalance. This dog can be fed a diet based on food that rebalances her "excess" of the water element and help her body heal.

"Chi Dog" to the Rescue!

Dr. Susan Bohrer, a vet practicing in California for 15 years is Certified in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine’s Herbal Therapy, Acupuncture and Food Therapy. After seeing how her patients' health was restored with the recipes she designed for them, she decided to formulate cooked, balanced meals with therapeutic and preventative benefits and make them widely available. She created "Chi Dog," a company with high standards and five excellent meal options that are delivered to your home.

Dr. Bohrer provides a short "quiz" on her site to help you choose the best meal for your dog's condition, but if we get more details through an animal communication session, I'll be able to guide you and follow up with your dog to find out how she's feeling on the new meal.

Go here to lean more Chi Dog and here or here to do a session with me to find out if a Chi Dog meal plan is right for your dog.

And to wet, I mean whet both your appetites, check out this wonderful testimonial by my friend, Katharina, “Both of our 16-year-old Yorkies are on the Chi Diet. One has severe Kidney Disease, and one is prone to Pancreatitis. We were afraid to give them anything else besides their so-called prescription diet. Our vet recommended the Chi Diet. Once they were on the diet, we could see improvements in a matter of weeks. Especially Arnold - a picky eater - improved tremendously. He got his energy back, his cognitive functions improved, and he is much more active and energetic. Mealtime is not a chore anymore; he happily chows down his meals, and all is left is a happy dog face with some left over crumbles in his beard.”

Here are her adorable boys, Francis and Arnold with their different Chi Dog meals.

Let's find out if a Chi Dog meal is ideal for your dog and if he needs any extra supplements as well.

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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