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You Think You're Feeding a Balanced Diet, but...

Ah, pet food. We think it's created for the health of our beloveds, but as responsible guardians, we need to be constantly reading up on what's in the foods we choose, how it's prepared and whether or not is actually is balanced nutrition.

In addition to concern about the ingredients, do you know what happens when a company starts changing recipes, buys inferior foods or gets bought out by a big corporation? This can happen with kibble and canned, but also with frozen raw. In my 30 years studying dog and cat nutrition, I have seen excellent small pet food companies bought out by large corporations . This resulted, in most cases, that the foods people trusted for their companions deteriorated in quality, while increasing in price.

The name of the trusted food may not have changed but the quality and type of ingredients certainly did.

How can you find out if this happens to a food you and your companions love? Often you won't/don't as the companies certainly don't want to scare you off!

What's a Guardian to do?

1) Read ingredients of every bag and can you buy so you can spot if a new bag or can of the same food changes. Be aware of new information on AGE's (Advanced glycation end-products), which are harmful oxidative compounds that result in cooked, canned and most processed foods that play a significant role in many chronic diseases.*

2) Ask who owns the food you buy. If you're buying from a local shop, the shopkeepers will know and can tell you. Big box stores and chains may or may not know.

3) Don't take risks. Make your own!

It's NOT as Hard or Time Consuming as You Think!

I have been teaching pet parents how to make simple homemade meals for dogs and cats since the 1990's. Thanks to some great books, healthy, balanced diets and recipes are available. I love Paleo Dog by Dr. Jean Hofve and Celeste Yarnall, and Dr. Becker's Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats, by Dr. Karen Becker. Dr. Hofve helped me formulate my first homemade raw diets that were featured in my Holistic Animal Handbook, A Guide to Nutrition, Health and Communication, and my instructional "cooking" videos. (Back in the day when there were VHS tapes!)

Let me stress that it is CRITICAL to balance homemade meals. You can't just mix meat, veggies and grains together and feed that to your companion for more than a day or two. You MUST add omega 3's and the essential vitamins and minerals or you will create dangerous imbalances.

Speaking of Dr. Becker. She, with the help of Steve Brown of "Steve's Real Food," one of the first and best frozen raw foods for dogs, has just created a "Meal Mix for Dogs." This is an all-in-one vitamin and mineral mix for homemade dog meals. She also has simple recipes that are super easy to prepare.

For cats, the best supplement I have found to balance their homemade meals is "My Natural Cat" by Feline Instincts. Felice also has "My Natural K9," another great vitamin/mineral balancer for dogs, and one of my favorites, "My Natural Cat & Dog Kidney Support." If you have a cat or dog with kidney challenges, this is a super way to keep them healthy.

What Ingredients Are Best?

Ah ha! Here's where I come in. The best way to answer this question is to have an Animal Communication Session to find out what are the best meats, veggies, omega's. etc. for your beloved.

What meats support their life force best?

What vegetables and fruits are ideal?

What supplements are needed now at this stage of their lives.

As animals age and their activity levels change, their bodies require more of some nutrients and less of others. Every animal is different as is every human. Let me help you choose the foods that resonate with and enhance your companion's life. Then you can mix up fabulous recipes to your heart's content (or choose the best prepared meals for your companion and your budget). Click here if you're new to me or here if you're a returning client.

With attention and care, you're supporting your beloved in living her/his best life ever!

with Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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* For more on AGE's click here.

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