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The Best Valentine for Your Animals?

What would you say is the best Valentine you can give your beloved furry? Special treats? A new red sweater? Heart-shaped toy?

I may be prejudiced because I love to do this, but the best Valentine you can give your animal is a wellness check in.

What better way to show your love than to be certain everything is right in their world?

When you invest in a check in, you can find out how they are feeling emotionally, mentally and physically. You can check to be sure the foods they're eating are ideal for this point in their lives and more.

Important questions for Your Beloved:

  1. How are you feeling? (Any aches, pains, stiffness, imbalances? Have there been any stressful events for your animal or for you? You can find out if they're carrying any stress of physical stuff for you.)

  2. How's your food? (Are they eating the same thing they've eaten for 6 months to a year or more? The same brand? It's important to create more of the appropriate variety for multiple reasons -- their nutritional needs, changes in the brands ownership/ingredients...)

  3. Supplement/Med evaluation. (Do any of these need to be changed, dropped or dosages revisited? Any side effects you haven't noticed?)

  4. What would he like to tell you about his purpose? (What's his purpose? Does he feel fulfilled? Is there something else he'd like to do?)

  5. And, of course, any specific questions about her ageing process, relationships with other animals and humans in the household, what about adding another person or animal to the family? Upcoming changes, travel, fears, anxieties, etc.?

Make a date with me and your beloved furry this Valentines month. Your animal will thank you! Click here if you're a returning client, here if you're new to me.

with Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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