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Is Your Animal Trying to Save Your Life?

Sweet Puddy Perry was in trouble.

Here's what her person, Tara, wrote to me, "What can be more painful than experiencing a loved one suffer when they can't even tell you what they're feeling!? 😥This is what I went through just over a year ago when my precious kitty (after showing UTI and GI distress) stopped eating and drinking for six days!

While I was relieved to receive x-rays and bloodwork from a reputable vet indicating she was OK, it was deeply frustrating not to know how to help her and improve her well being. Thankfully, a homeopathic practitioner here in Nashville recommended Kate to me. I was delightfully surprised that by implementing the tools Kate recommended during her communication with my sweet girl that her symptoms went away not to return! 💕🙏💕

Among other useful goodies, I learned that my cat was reflecting my own disharmony, and that this experience was an opportunity for me to heal and improve both our worlds 🌎💫🌍" (emphasis mine)

Animals Take on Our "Stuff"

In my 30+ years as an animal communicator, I've have met dozens of animals who take on an illness, pain or disease that 1) mirrors their person's 2) lightens the "load" their person is carrying. Animals will also "act out" when there is stress or disharmony in the home, just as many young children do.

How can you get your animal to stop? Simple. Take care of yourself, get help, treatment, create a peaceful house as soon as possible. When you take care of you, it frees your beloved companion to have more energy to heal herself. Gratefully, I have seen many "happy endings" when people have addressed their own healing, their animals got better as well.

If your animal has a recurring, chronic, "mystery illness" or one just like you have, we should talk with them soon! Click here to set up a session if you're new to me, or here if you're a returning client. Don't wait for the problem to get worse.

Finally, here is a gift for you from Tara and me. Our interview from last year. She says, "Here is my interview with Kate. May her words of wisdom, bring peace, joy, and healing to you and your beloved fur or feather babies ❤️🐾🦜🐈🐕"

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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