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Prescription Diets? Oh No!

Would you eat this??

There's a disturbing trend among vets to say that processed prescription diets represent "food as medicine." Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

The concept of "food as medicine" is central to Hippocrates's teachings in Western Medicine, as well as the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. Wild canines, felines and equines search out herbs, plants, specific organs of their prey to help them heal. They do NOT look for processed, dried out, extruded, DEAD plants or animals or... kibble.

Myth #1: Vets are trained in nutrition for dogs and cats.

Sadly, vets get very little training in nutrition in vet school. AND, most of what they learn is taught by pet food company professionals. Unless they are a Holistic or a vet trained in integrative medicine, they may know less than you do about healthy foods for your dogs and cats.

What about "Certified Veterinary Nutritionists?" Here's what Dr. Karen Becker writes, "Unfortunately, even the majority of board-certified veterinary nutritionists have also been schooled primarily about processed pet diets, and believe it or not, major pet food manufacturers frequently pay the tuition for DVMs studying to become veterinary nutritionists.

The ACVN (American College of Veterinary Nutrition) is the smallest of the veterinary colleges and there are relatively few veterinary nutritionists in the world. They work in veterinary schools, government agencies, pet drug companies, private animal hospitals, for themselves, and very frequently, for pet food companies.

Sadly, for most board-certified nutritionists, their association with a major pet food company creates an obvious conflict of interest when it comes to the advice they offer, which is typically to encourage pet owners to stick with big-named processed pet food makers for the lifelong "health" of their four-legged family members." (emphasis mine)

Myth #2: The prescription diets have wholesome ingredients that are helping my animal heal from xyz.

Again, the processed prescription diet ingredients are not fresh, are not even human-grade. They are made from the same inferior-quality ingredients and fillers that most pet foods are made of. Once again, to quote Dr. Becker, "It's foolish to think we can feed pets biologically inappropriate convenience food every day for years and then when health problems arise, treat them with a different version of a similar poor-quality diet. None of the processed prescription or therapeutic diets currently on the market are made with human-grade ingredients nor contain any ingredients that qualify them as needing a prescription; it's a marketing strategy." (emphasis mine again)


When your companion has an illness like kidney or liver disease, cancer, diabetes, pancreatitis, it is best to work with a local holistic vet who is familiar with REAL, fresh raw or gently cooked food as medicine, and who is able to see and monitor your animal's reactions, adjusting the ingredients as necessary. Normally, this vet will prescribe Chinese or western herbal supplements and nutritional supplements as well.

To find a Holistic vet in your area, go to: Holistic Vet List


I can work with you today to create a balanced, wholesome diet for your beloveds to create health and well-being for a long, happy life. With the biologically appropriate diet for your animal's unique, individual needs, you and I can address issues like gas, too-frequent pooping, dry coat, anxiety, sluggish or overly excited behavior, constipation and diarrhea. And, we can do this in a phone session. Click here to make an appointment: Diet Planning.

Thank you for your dedication to your beloveds and for allowing me to support your family.

Love and best wishes from me, your voice of animals, Kate

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