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Kenya 2018 Elephant Adventure Video

Jambo everyone!

You're receiving this while I'm back in Kenya visiting again with the orphan elephants at the Sheldrick Trust, the wild herds in Tsavo East, Amboseli and in the Maasai Mara! On this, my first trip to Africa, our small group of animal-lovers, encountered lions, zebra, antelope, birds, cheetah, a magical leopard and much more. Here is the recording in case you'd like to see what this first trip was like.

When I return from this year's trip, I'll put together another slide presentation. Look for my newsletter announcement some time in October. All will be invited to sit in and revisit the amazing wildlife connections we will make THIS year!

So, why not make yourself a warm cuppa Kenyan tea (recipe below) Click on the baby elephant...Sit back and enjoy!!

Please feel free to share by inviting people to this page.

Kenyan Tea

Take a small handful of loose, black tea leaves, add to 16 ounces milk of your choice (cow, almond, coconut...)

Simmer without boiling for 10 -15 minutes (longer for stronger tea).

Pour into a nice mug. Add sugar (stevia, monk fruit, or honey) to taste.

Stir, sip and sigh...

Asanti Sana!

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