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2021 Message from the Animals

Dear Human Family; The decade began with major challenges for all on Mother Earth, especially you and your families, intimate and extended. You are going through a great upheaval, a purge, a restart that will take time and will continue to accelerate over the coming years. Do not be afraid. This shift is exactly what needs to happen for a re-balancing to take place. Your species is gravely out of balance, as you know. Mother Earth is responding to this imbalance and will do everything to right it.

Amidst the personal and global upheavals, remember that there are many energies from this world and other worlds, realms and dimensions who are helping, supporting and lending guidance to help you. Remember, you are never alone. Remember that they and we are here with you. Ask for their help and ours whenever you feel confused, alone, uninspired. We stand at the ready for each and every one of you.

The stars have anchored in the New Age, the Aquarian Age, the awakening time of collaboration, cooperation, interconnection. Allow that energy to anchor into your being. Look for ways in your life, your families, your work, your play where you cooperate and collaborate instead of compete. Competition is an old paradigm from the past "Old" Age. It no longer serves you to compete for power, prestige, superiority, privilege and recognition. If you do, you will be out of sync with the New, will never be satisfied and will feel empty and alone. When you collaborate with each other, the animals, plants and the elementals, you create together, learn together, build together. You contribute to balance and harmony, helping all step beautifully into the New Age.

2021 will provide many opportunities for you and all human beings to choose this new paradigm. Clinging to the old paradigm will only cause pain and suffering. Set yourselves free. Embrace your purpose; what you came here to do and be in this lifetime. No matter what happens in your life and around you, choose Love and embrace the Unity of All Life in your every thought, word and action. An amazing adventure is unfolding for us all!

With Love and best wishes for a fresh, inspired New Year,

Kate and the Animals

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