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Keeping Cats (& Birds) Safe Part 2

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

There are some wonderful ways to keep your cats safe in the yard AND keep their bird predation way down.

I wish just talking to your cat would help her remember to stay in the yard, but as most of you know, the theme song of the cat is ,"What's in it for me?" In working with cats, it's always important to show them that doing what you ask will benefit them in specific ways and this benefit will outweigh the benefit the behavior you wish to change provides them. Unfortunately the lure of chasing something or going over the fence will almost always outweigh whatever you're offering inside the fence. This is why some clever folks have created outdoor "catios" and other means of keeping cats safely on your side of the fence.

Here are some great options:

1) Fence top "protectors." Go to to see some really good options.

2) Catios. There are DIY versions and others you can purchase and install. Here's a good place to start:

Keeping Birds Safe Beautifully!

Here's my favorite "new" product and it's ingenious! These beautiful, colorful collar covers have been found to decrease bird catching by up to 87%! My client, Marilee B. in California says, "Yes, the collars do seem to have cut down considerably on bird catches. But she doesn’t seem so intent on hunting at all now, and I can’t be sure it’s the collars or possible changes due to just settling down from “maturing." But, birds being caught and brought into the house are WAY FAR LESS than in her earlier years. "

Go to to learn more and see these beautiful collars.

Here's Marilee's elegant Kitty modeling her collars.

To find out how your cat will adjust to a catio, fence protector and collar, let's ask him! New Clients click here. Returning clients, click here to set up an animal communication session with me and your beloved feline. We all want to keep our feline family members safe as well as support the avian community by not being caught and eaten by our cats. Not only is this best for the animals, it's the responsible thing to do and bird lovers everywhere will appreciate our efforts. This is a win win for all!

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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