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Elephants Singing to Mother Earth. Why?

Elephants at Voi Lodge from our Kenya trip 2018

Many years ago I received a communication from elephants, or as I describe it, from the "Council of Elephants." This Council is the higher group soul of all elephants.

In this communication they told me, "We are the ears of Mother Earth. We sing to her constantly, lullabies, morning glory songs, celebration songs, songs of grieving... Through us Mother Earth hears what is happening on the surface, feels the pulse of life she supports and nurtures."* When I asked them how they communicated their songs to Mother Earth, they told me through deep vibration through their bodies to the Mother.

They sent me an image and a feeling of their deep voices, so deep the unaided human ear can't hear them, reverberating through their bodies, into their feet and down through the soil. Mother Earth receives their messages and keeps track of what they communicate about the elephants' experience on the surface.

Science catches up

Sometime after I received this communication, I learned that a scientist had "accidentally" discovered that elephants vocalize a great deal, but our human ears weren't detecting them. She only heard their voices when she sped up the reel-to-reel tape recorder she was using to record elephant vocalizations when she thought there was only silence. To her surprise, the sped up recording revealed many varied vocalizations. Her "discovery" led to more scientists studying elephant communication.

BIG News: "Seismic Communication."

More recently, scientists have learned that elephants communicate through their feet, sending deep vibrations into the earth that can be picked up by other elephants many miles away. It seems that they have special cells in their trunks and feet, called Pacinian corpuscles, that are extremely sensitive to vibrations. You can read more about this and all the amazing ways elephants send and receive communications on the "Elephant Voices" website here.

What's Next?

What if the scientific community collaborated with us animal communicators to explore and learn MORE from the elephants about how, why, and more importantly, WHAT are they learning from and sharing with Mother Earth? What could we learn from these conversations? Wouldn't our relationship with elephants and other non-humans shift when our awareness of these possibilities manifests?

This is my mission - to be a bridge between animals, humans and Mother Earth for the Greater Good of all species. If this mission interests you, and YOU wish to be part of this collaboration, look at our Harmony Pack, my community of human "bridges." There's no time to waste. Together WE can make a difference I can't make alone.

with Love, Your Voice of Animals,


* From my book, Kinship with Animals, Council Oak Books, 2006

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