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Don't Let Dogs/Cats Eat These Plants

It's planting time. Do you know that many popular outdoor plants are toxic to your dogs and cats? I'm afraid some may be common favorites like azaleas, rhodedendrons, and English Ivy. Many are mildly toxic, others are worse. The bottom line is that dogs and cats should never be chewing on most flowering plants and shrubs.


Here's a good list of poisonous indoor and outdoor plants for dogs and cats from Garden Design. And here's their SAFE plants for dogs and cats.

What to Safely Chew Outside?

Always give your puppies and dogs a raw bone or chew stick like the Earth Animal "No Hide" chews if he needs to chew. Keep him away from chewing wood sticks as they can splinter in the mouth or intestines. 

Provide fresh orgainc catnip or "kitty grass" for your cats. These are safe ways to supply chlorophyl, fiber and micronutrientes that compliment a carnivore's diet and will help prevent them from seeking these nutrients from dangerous plants and flowers.

What to Plant Instead

If you are planning on planting some new outdoor plants, I invite you to plant safe, perennial native grasses, flowers, trees and shrubs as our pollinators need all the help they can get! Here are some links:

Benefits of native plants to all: Livinator

Plant bird-friendly native plants in your region: Audubon Plants for Birds.

Xerces Society list of native plants and beneficial insects for your region.

As always, I'm here to help you understand what your cats and dogs need and want. Let them share with you what matters. Make an appointment soon. New clients. Returning clients.

Looking forward to having a fur family chat with you soon!

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,



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