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3 Things Your Cat Wants

Your cat is a unique individual with her own needs and desires. However, there are three things she really wants that only you can giver her.

#1 Your time. Some people think cats don't need attention like dogs do. They need attention like cats do! What kind of attention is that? Spending quality time with your cat means that you are engaging with him in an activity or in just being together. Who decides this? Your cat does.

Flora calls me with her special chirps every morning after Marcus leaves for work to come play with her and Bodhi. Our play involves brushing first, paying attention to the places each of them loves to be brushed, followed by a game of chase-the-thing-on-the-end-of-the-stick. Each cat vies for the coveted spot on the perch where the "thing" will appear through a hole or around the bend. I've noticed that the ribbons are their favorite, but they also like things changed out. The toy "Da Bird" is great as it has all different attachments.

What's most important is that I am focused on them and the game. Nothing else. Does your cat invite you to play? Do you make time for play every day? This is important for your relationship as well as for their mental and physical stimulation.

#2 Clear Communication.

How do you communicate with your cat?

Does she like a high voice, or a low quiet one?

How do you redirect him if he gets a bit rough?

Flora and Bodhi love it when I stroke them and talk in a very soft voice, almost a whisper. Flora told me it's how I purr to them. Both cats instantly relax and energetically smile when I use this voice. They usually respond with their own purr.

If either gets a bit rough with my hand, I immediately tell them in a firm, but still softish voice, "doucement," which is French for softly, gently. I started this when they were little and they respond very quickly, pulling in their claws and licking my hand instead of biting.

Do you have a word that clearly tells them, "be gentle now?" A special word is more effective than "no," as well as more specific.

#3 The Right Food. Cats can be "chow hounds, "picky princesses," or just normal eaters. Eating their food in 20 minutes or less (twice a day only, no free feeding) is ideal and the food needs to smell appetizing. Cats need to smell their food before they'll eat it, so a cat with a stuffy nose will not normally choose to eat.

Nature designed cats to get all their moisture from their food so feeding wet food is critical. Dry food makers do everything to make their foods smell enticing to cats, but dry food will lead to dehydration and other issues, even when they drink water.

As obligate carnivores, cats feel best when they are eating a species appropriate diet of moist lightly cooked or room temperature raw food. A canned food with no wheat, soy, corn or legumes is the next level down. Adding some real meat would help, but you need to know how much to add.

Do you need some direction from your feline family members as to how they wish you to spend time, communicate clearly and/or feed them the best for their long term health and happiness? If so, let's talk with them! Click here if you're new to me or here if you're a returning client.

Together we can learn what your beloveds want the most!

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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