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You can Give a Puppy or Kitten IF...

There are many warnings in your inbox about giving pets as gifts.  However, if you plan ahead and follow these tips from me and the animals, a puppy, rescue dog, kitten, rescue cat, bunny or goldfish can find a wonderful home this holiday season!*

Here are the important tips from an animal communicator in the biz of talking with animals for 26 years!

Plan ahead. If you wish to give a child, friend or elder an animal companion, be certain that:

1) The pet is wanted. Be sure to match the pet to the person/family in advance. An elderly person or a child under 10 may have difficulty caring for a rambunctious puppy or kitten.  Perhaps an older dog or cat is better suited to the family. Be sure Moms, Dads and care-givers want to take on the responsibility. *NOTE: PLEASE never buy a puppy, kitten, cat or dog from a pet store or puppy mill. Research responsible breeders if you want a purebred. There is a shelter or fostering organization near you with loving animals. Please support them and save lives. The animals thank you and I thank you!

2) They have the space and finances to support a new family member. Providing healthy food and care for an animal is an investment. Dogs need safe space outside, cats inside. Dogs need to be walked daily and get good training. Cats and dogs and bunnies need daily play time with their families. Are your "gift-recipients" prepared to do these well?

3) Make the companion feel safe. if an animal goes into a new home with or without other animals, they will need to start in a safe, quiet room with food, water (with Rescue Remedy in it), bedding and/or a crate, and a litterbox (not next to the food). This allows him or her to feel safe and secure while orienting to the family, new smells, sounds and activities of the household. *For all the steps, read this fabulous article by Jackson Galaxy about integrating a new cat into a home: Creating Base Camp. (Much of this is applicable to a new puppy or dog as well.)

If you follow these steps and prepare well, you will be creating the most memorable holiday ever for the humans you love AND for a dog, cat or other animal needing a wonderful home!

May your Season of Light be filled with cozy rooms, fabulous foods, traditions and, most of all -- happy, healthy two and four footed loved ones by your side.

Blessings to All!

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