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Why So Many Deaths in December?

In my twenty-five plus years working with animals, I have seen an increase in departures in December. Why? I asked the Animal Council and here is what I received,

"As the Winter Solstice draws near the Earth in the northern hemisphere, She goes into a deeper and deeper sleep. This "sleep" is the quieting down of all activity. The Yin time of year when She rests and rejuvenates. This is a critical time for re-balancing and peaceful contemplation. The energetic emphasis is on the dying of the old, worn out physical forms, so they may be broken down to feed the new life that is born in the spring.

Animal and human bodies also feel this pull. Those who have been struggling with illness or those who are worn out, experience an offer of sorts, an invitation to rest. When they accept the offer, they join this collective peace and feel the love and support of Mother Earth and the masculine Creative Force in the Universe."

I then asked, "I feel that there is a link between the angels and these departures. Am I correct?"

They responded, "The angels are a manifestation of Divine Love. They are intrinsically connected with all life on Earth and perform an important interface with the Divine, both as messengers from the Divine as well as helpers to those in need. Some humans believe that angels are present. Others do not. It doesn't matter. The animal, plant and mineral kingdoms are all supported by the Angelic Realm. The "fairies" many perceive, are the devas of the plant and mineral kingdoms. They deliver energetic nurturing so that plants grow and thrive. They support Life in all forms.

During the month of December, many humans become conscious of the Angelic realm due to the story of Christ's birth and the belief that angels were present. Those in other spiritual traditions acknowledge the rebirth of the Light -- the oil burning miraculously for eight days in the Temple, the darkest day of the year, turning to welcome the increasing light...These thought forms allow angelic helpers to manifest more strongly for beings in form. When this happens, humans and animals may perceive them more clearly, feeling their presence and respond to their love by further surrendering. This invites the help of the angles during the letting go of a body."

I said, "So angels help those who are in the dying process feel extra support, which makes the transition easier?"

"Yes," they replied. "They feel that the angels will care for their spirits, guide them to the Light and accompany them on the journey. This is true."

How beautiful. Thank you.

"You are welcome. We are always grateful when you ask for our insight. As you say, we are all in this together."

May the Love and Light of this season support you and all your loved ones, in form and in spirit, feel the embrace of the angels.

With Love and Gratitude, Your Voice of Animals,


PS If your beloved has left a body behind and joined the Angels, we can still communicate with them in spirit. Click HERE for more information.

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