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Which Furries are You Grateful for?

Marie Forleo shared a wonderful idea on Marie TV. She suggested that when we sit at the table with family and friends this Thanksgiving, each person shares a specific appreciation for the person sitting next to them. Here's her formula: "(name) Sheila, I so appreciate your (quality/trait) loving presence in my life. I say this because (specific details), I always feel totally loved and accepted when I am with you." I want to make this a new ritual at our Thanksgiving dinners from now on!

What about doing this for each of our animals too? Here are mine:

"Bodhi, I so appreciate your mellow sweetness and (usually) gentle way you play with your little sister, Flora. I say this because it gives me joy to see you so happy with her and I love you so much!"

"Flora, I really appreciate how you sit with me in my office when I'm working, and on the arm of the couch next to me when I'm reading or sipping my tea. I love how you've become my sweetest kitten companion in every room I'm in!"

You, Animal Communicator...They Get it!

Most of you, dear readers, totally know that your animal companions feel and understand you when you communicate with them. You may not always know exactly what they are thinking, but you see and feel them respond to your body language, voice and feelings.

I know you tell each animal frequently that you love them, but how often do you stop to tell them how much you appreciate a specific thing they do or a gift they bring to you each day?

Start a New Thanksgiving Tradition

I invite you to start a new Thanksgiving tradition, by doing this every day. It will help you notice the big and small ways each animal gives gifts to each human and animal in your household. And, as you appreciate and acknowledge them for each special action they take, as well as just their sweet "beingness," you will add to their energy field, immune health and support them in their mission/purpose in this lifetime.

Appreciation builds confidence, self-esteem and gratitude in animals, just as it does in humans. It also gives all that love back to the "giver" and both hearts expand and brighten, touching all hearts everywhere!


So, this Thanksgiving, know that I appreciate each and every one of you for the deep love and commitment you have to make your beloved animals' lives the best they can be, and for honoring me by allowing me to be on your team!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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