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Safest Car Seats for Dogs AND Cats!

And it's NOT this one! Having recently returned from flying and traveling in Ireland (driving on the left side of the road...EEEK!) I got to thinking about safe dog and cat car seats, carriers, and restraints for planes and cars.

Are you planning on driving or flying with your furry in the future? Does your dog or cat ride in the car with you frequently or even sometimes? It goes without saying that keeping them safe is a "must." Too many animals are injured or thrown from cars and trucks during accidents. Don't let yours be one!


The Center for Pet Safety is the the only nonprofit consumer advocacy organization dedicated to pet safety. They do extensive safety testing on a variety of dog and cat crates, carriers and harnesses. You can see videos of the safety tests in action on each of their top rated equipment.

As a cat guardian, I was particulary impressed with the "Diggs Travel Pet Carrier." I love how it is secured with both lap and shoulder belts in the car and can sit on your luggage when going through the airport as well as fit under "most" airplane seats. This carrier will work for small dogs too.

Dog crates save lives, even in pick up truck accidents and there's also an amazing harness the CPS has tested for safety. Note that the CPS does NOT recommend any harness with "extension tethers," as they are "extremely dangerous."

Don't Leave Home Without Reading This!

Check out this excellent article from "Car and Driver," Best Dog Car Seats, Carriers, and Restraints of 2024 You'll find links to each "winner" and videos of each safety test.

I hope you'll read and share this important info with all your animal and travel-loving friends!

With Love Your Voice of Animals,


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