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When is Eating Grass NOT Okay?

"My dog is eating grass a lot these days. Sometimes she throws up, other times not. What's this about?"

It's pretty common for dogs and some cats to eat grass occasionally. Why?


  1. Need for more fresh energy in their diet. This is really the #1 reason dogs and cats have told me in animal communication sessions why they like and crave fresh, especially spring grass. Fresh, green grass can be bursting with life force energy that they need. (Growing wheat grass, catnip etc. can give them some of the same, but these are not in the earth. They are in a pot, so something is lost here. Organic plants in organic soils are good, though)

  2. They need to clear out their stomach or intestines. Dogs and cats are designed to eat prey animals and get pre-digested plant material from the prey's stomach/intestines. These help and encourage healthy perastalsis and ensure good stools. Raw meat, prey animals move rapidly through their intestines and keep tham functioninig well. Dry kibble, processed canned foods stay in the intestines many hours longer, often "gumming" up the intestines, blocking absorption, creating a breeding ground for unhelpful bacteria, and causing constipation. To help this problem, dogs and cats eat grass to vomit, clear undigested food and allow their digestive tracks to rest and heal.

When is Eating Grass a Problem?

  1. When the grass has chemicals on it. NEVER let your animals graze on treated lawns and especially not anywhere near golf courses. See my blog, "Poison from the Golf Course" to learn more.

  2. When its excessive. If your companion is obsessing on eating grass there could be pain, inflammation, or a blockage. Please get them to the vet ASAP. If the vet doesn't find any of the above requiring immediate attention, we should find out why your animal is doing this. It could be emotional, as in reducing anxiety or stress, expressing the need for more attention or something missing from his diet. I can help with all of these. To request a day and time on my schedule, click here if you're a returning client or here if you're new to me.

As always, I'm here to support your beloved furry in being their healthiest, happiest self. Let's talk with them soon!

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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