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When Animals Take on Our "Stuff"

Updated: May 7, 2019

Our beloveds remind us to get outside, play, take a walk, connect with nature. They role model taking naps, stopping to gaze out the window -- just BEING.

A cat's purr helps calm and heal. A dog's unconditional love bolsters us. A horse's willing cooperation helps us feel respected. But what happens when they go farther and take on our stress, illness and manifest "our" diseases in their own bodies?


Our beloveds are devoted to us and, as you know, will do most anything to help us, in every way they can. One way they do this is to take on whatever pain, stress, worry we have. They do this out of love for us and  Service: not to us, but to their commitment to help us find our way back to Source, Love and Connection. Helping us be more whole, helps every living being as it restores health and balance in all living beings.

How do we get them to stop?

In my experience, you can't. You might as well ask them to stop breathing. Remember, this is a labor of love and they won't stop doing everything they can to lighten your load. 

What's the one thing we can do to change this?

What do you think that is? It's simple, really. Guilt? Nope. Guilt will only make you feel worse and give them something else to hold for you. Blaming, shaming yourself? Nope. Spend less time with them? Nope.  What is the one thing you can do for yourself to lighten their load?

I invite you to share your ideas with me at

Together, you and your animal can be healthy and happy, lovingly supporting one another be the best you can be!

And there's more...

Join our Pack for this important conversation. Everyone in your house and barn will benefit. Go Here

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