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What if this happens in your house?

"What happened to my cats? They seemed so happy together. Then, suddenly, World War 3 broke out! What happened, Kate?"

My poor client was very upset. Her sweet kitty brothers had gotten along for years, but now the one stalked the other, the other cowered in fear or fled, a terrible caterwauling ensued... Was it World War 3? Was it anger, jealousy? Was it a case of mistaken identity? Well, interestingly, it kind of was a case of mistaken identity. Let me explain...


Using my animal communication skills and intuition, I questioned the kitty boys, Barry and Biff, about what was going on.

"What happened to cause you two to stop getting along? Are either of you in pain? Was there a particular incident that caused you to start fighting?"

Poor Barry had no idea why his dear brother had turned on him. But now he lived in fear and stress. Biff seemed to be stuck in aggression mode, but he did tell us why.

It turned out that the two had been sleeping peacefully together when there was a loud noise, causing Biff to wake up suddenly and lash out in fear at the closest person to him, sweet Barry! Barry was shocked out of a deep sleep by the attack, screamed and fled like an fearful prey animal. This further stimulated Biff's aggression, and the two were soon caught in a vicious victim/aggressor dance.

My Solution

Step 1: Ask the cats if they wanted to change this dynamic and did they want my help? (They said, "Yes, please!")

Step 2: Create a healing space. Help them visualize and experience themselves sleeping peacefully next to each other before the incident occurred in order to remind them of their previous connection and harmony.

Step 3: With the cats guiding me, I worked to re-balance their energies, calm their nervous systems and help them recreate a happy relationship.

Step 4: Reinforce with my personalized Unity Essence to support them in holding their re-balanced energies.


Both Barry and Biff relaxed during this healing session. Happily, peace between the brothers was restored.

Going Forward

Their person will continue to remind them to stay in loving harmony with each other every chance she gets. And, she will affirm this each time she adds their Unity Essence to their food and pets them with it.

We'll follow up in a couple of weeks to find out how Barry and Biff are getting along.

Don't you just LOVE animal communication??? If your beloveds' behaviors suddenly change for no apparent reason, it's time for a session. Click on Schedule Now.

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