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What Heals with NO Side Effects?

In the 1930's renowned immunologist, Dr. Edward Bach wanted to find a solution to his patients' recurring health problems or chronic illnesses that his "normal" western medicine tools were unable to help. He observed that most of his patients with recurring symptoms were struggling with emotional issues. He asked himself, "I believe the unresolved emotional issues are keeping them ill. How can I help them shift or heal those?" Long story short, he found a way and the Bach Flower Remedies were born.

No Side Effects = Perfect for Animals!

Dr. Bach created 39 Flower Essences for humans that were highly successful in addressing and helping them shift their emotional issues. It was my vet friend, Dr. Dee Blanco, who taught me over 25 years ago how perfect they are for animals.

They are...

1) Completely safe

2) Work or they don't

3) Have no side effects

4) Are inexpensive and available across the globe

5) Don't have to be given by mouth

6) Have a really long shelf life (many years)

Even though you may be familiar with Dr. Bach's famous Rescue Remedy, do you know when it's not helpful? Would you like to learn ...

1) What the other 38 can help

2) How to choose the right ones for your animals for specific situations?

3) How to mix, combine and administer

4) How to tell if they aren't working

5) When to stop, add to or change the formula

6) How critical the right intention is for their efficacy and how to find it

Join me Thursday 10/26 at 1:00 ET, 12:00 CT, 11:00 MT or 10:00 PT for my intro to the Bach Flowers. Click here to register now!

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