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What Happens When a Dog is Lost?

Most dogs think differently about being lost than cats do. Dogs, as pack animals, are usually determined to find the people who love them. We've all read the book The Incredible Journey about two dogs and a cat who travel hundreds of miles together to find the family they got separated from. It's the dogs with their sense of smell, as well as something special that connects them to their people, that facilitates them in finding their humans.

Something Special?

In my 30 years as an animal communicator, I have learned SO much from the animals. in the 1990's I had the privilege of being mentored by Shelley Donnelly who developed an energetic healing modality called "Pranamonics" for animals. Shelley tapped me to be her partner because I was able to receive messages from dogs and horses about how they perceived their own energy fields and what they wanted in terms of healing and balancing. One of the most important things dogs and horses taught us was about their energy systems and fields. They are unlike the human chakra system in that they receive, circulate and utilize energy differently from humans.

We received that dogs have a "solar plexus energy center" whose qualities resemble and correspond to our heart chakra. Once a dog loves a human, that connection is imprinted in this center and connects the dog and human for all time. In addition to being the center of the canine/human bond, this solar plexus energy center (SPEC) holds the "homing device" if the dog is separated from his beloved human or humans. This is why many dogs will travel far and eventually be reunited with their families.

Sometimes a dog will not try to find her way home, but stay where she was last with her people as in the case of a car accident that happened in Colorado where the dog, Mia, was jettisoned out of the car and her people were rescued and taken away by ambulance.

Read this wonderful story that involved a whole "village" of volunteers monitoring, filming and trying to trap Mia for a whole month after the accident. However, it wasn't until her person returned to the scene that Mia allowed contact. She "somehow" knew that her people would return to her. Her loving connection to them, held in her SPEC, "told" her that. What miraculous beings dogs are!

Enjoy and give your dog a BIG hug!

Your Voice of Animals,


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