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Warning! Canned Pet Food...

Dr. Karen Becker has just shared important news about canned dog foods in unmarked as well as "BPA Free" cans causing dangerous levels of the chemical BPA in the blood streams of dogs. I am distressed to just be learning this now, as I have recommended many canned foods for dogs and cats over the years. In this 2017 study out of the University of Missouri, industrial chemical Bisphenol A, (BPA) levels were TRIPLED in the study dogs' bloodstreams in just two weeks! This chemical, used to line cans, is an endocrine disruptor and caused metabolic changes and disruptions of the gut microbiome.

Let me stress that this is most likely is true for cat food cans as well!


1) Feed freeze-dried, dehydrated, frozen cooked or raw foods that come in bags and boxes. As far as we know these are BPA free. The freeze dried and dehydrated foods are easily reconstituted with water or broth.

2) Feed a balanced homemade diet. There are many resources, including me (!) to help you design the best diets for your companions and your budget. Please note that just cooking muscle meat with a grain and/or vegetables is NOT balanced and will cause problematic deficiencies for your companions.

3) Use glass, stainless steel or ceramic bowls instead of plastic to further limit plastic toxins from harming your companion's health.

4) Do not rely on kibble. It's highly processed at high temperatures, resulting in compromised nutrition.

5) Dr. Becker recommends doing intermittent detoxing of your companions. This isn't just if they are eating from cans or have eaten from cans. Many of the supplements she recommends are easily available. I have two powerful antioxidant increasing options I can tell you about.

5) If you have cans you've already purchased, ask the pet food company to supply you with any third party testing for toxins they have done on their foods. Reputable companies will comply.

For more details and to find out which canned brands were used in the study (I was horrified!), here's Dr. Becker's article.

This is just a call to action to you to commit to feeding your animals the way nature intended. This is the BEST investment in their health you can make. Let's talk soon about the best ways to do this for YOUR beloveds. Click here to set up a date with me.

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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