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Time Change and Your Animals

How do your furries do with the time change? The spring time change has us "springing forward " in the northern hemisphere. The first morning the cats were wondering if we were going on a trip or something. However, once they realized we weren't, they've been very happy with being fed "earlier." Springing forward my be harder on us, but our cats like it better!

Can You Just Tell Them?

Yes! You can let your animals know that the morning will be starting earlier and it will seem like you're going to be later coming home or feeding them. Once you get them on the new feeding schedule, they will have a better understanding of the shift. I do not feed (or recommend feeding) our animals at the exact time every day. Building in flexibility is better for everyone concerned. That way they will learn to be more tolerant when you do want to sleep in and they'll be less stressed when you stay out later some evenings.

To Ease The Transition

If your animals get stressed at the change in routine, start adding Rescue Remedy to the water bowl now and pet them with a drop or two. Tell them, "Our routine is changing. Or sleeping times will change. We'll be feeding you earlier and perhaps walking later, but all is well and fine." Most animals will make the transition within a week. The calmer you are about it, the easier it will be for them.

If you have an animal who is particularly rattled by any change, perhaps you can ease them into it by getting up a bit later for a few days and shortening the time gradually. Another way to ease their stress is to add a petting or massage session around bedtime .

Planning a bit ahead will help you and your furries transition more calmly and easily. Soon we'll be enjoying those long, wonderful evenings together!

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


To set up a spring check in with your animals click here or here.

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