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Quick! Improve Your Dog's & Cat's Meals

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Here's a quick and easy way to improve your dog's and cat's meals, and their health! Does what you're feeding have a "Five Paw" rating or a "One Paw" rating? What if it has, eek, NO paws?

In their book, Paleo Dog, Dr. Jean Hofve and Celeste Yarnall share a wonderful, simple system for evaluating and improving your dog's meals for optimal nutrition and long term health. They borrow from the movie rating system of one to five "stars," changing it to one to five "Paws." You can use my abbreviated version to check to find out how the meals you're serving your dogs and cats measure up.

5 Paws (The top of the line)

1) a Balanced home-made raw with the critical supplements such as they created in the book.

2) Commercial low-card, raw-meat frozen, freeze-dried and dehydrated varieties WITH added probiotics and enzymes.

4 Paws

1) organic canned with added lightly cooked meats, eggs, fish and some steamed veggies. *Digestive enzymes are a "must." NOTE: Lightly cooked meats, eggs, fish and steamed veggies can help ease the transition to raw.

3 Paws

1) Other canned dog food WITH digestive enzymes, probiotics and an omega 3 supplement.

2 Paws

1) Organic dry dog food ("NO Paws" for Cats)

1 Paw

1) All other dry dog foods, including "premium" and "veterinary" brands. (Again, these are "No Paws" for cats)

No Paws

1) All meat or raw-meaty-bones only diet with a rice and vegetable and NO added supplements. Jean and Celeste state, "This is extremely unbalanced and will cause serious nutritional deficiencies over time."

For more information on what are the best alternatives, combinations and supplements for your dog or cat, please contact me for a "Diet Planning Session." Together we can create the BEST meal plan to keep your beloveds their healthiest for life!

with Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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