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My Pet is Mirroring Me?

"What? My cat may be anxious because I am?" Or "Oh my! I have the same tummy troubles my dog is having!" These are just two of the sort of things I've heard from my clients over my many years as an animal communicator.

Did you know that it's very common for our animals to mirror our symptoms, our stresses and even our behaviors? Why does this happen?

Two Reasons

1) Our beloveds feel our emotions and get swept up in them.

2) They are showing us/reflecting back to us our shared challenges so we can address them. Very often if we've been putting off or avoiding getting help for ourselves, we'll get treatment for the problem because they have it too and we don't want them to suffer. This is a brilliant way our animals help us heal.

Sometimes our companions will mirror or manifest problems because we are attached to "fixing" others and they wish to give us what we need.

What To Do

If you suspect that your animal is mirroring or manifesting a problem to get your attention or to satisfy you somehow, please find out why. This is something we can do together as nothing can get to the cause like an animal communication session. Once we get to the bottom of it, we can discuss ways to help you both feel better.

Animals have often told me that the best way you can help them heal is to help yourself heal. When you work on you, they are able to use more of their energy to help themselves.

So, if your beloved has chronic issues, or if you find yourself wondering why you both seem to have similar health issues and your animals "act out" when there are upsets in the house, let's talk. It's better to find out before you spend lots of money on tests, meds, treatments that don't last, behavior modifications that don't help, etc., etc. so that you can choose the best support for them and for yourself.

To set up an Animal Communication Session, click here if we've worked together before and here if you're new to me.

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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