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My 10 Holiday Safety Tips & More

The holidays are fun and exciting for human children of all ages. But what about your animals? Puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats LOVE decorations too, but they provide all kinds of hazards.

What should you do about the tree, foods, plants, costumes, burning candles, lights, etc, etc?

For holiday fun and valuable info, here's the link for my handy little, beautifully illustrated booklet I created a few years back. You can print it out, stick on the frig, and share with family and friends to remind them to keep the beloved furries needs in mind during the celebrations.

In it you'll find my 10 Tips, plus how to recognize when your animals are stressed and how to soothe them.

What about toys and gifts for them? Check out my suggestions.

Are you traveling, having guests? Ask your ainmals what they need to feel safe and secure. There could be surprises no one thought of. Book a session asap to give them the opportunity to tell you. Click here if you're new to me, here if you're a returing client.

As always, a little conscious awareness goes a long way to help your beloved animals have a safe, fun, happy and peaceful Holiday as well.

With my warmest wishes, wags, purrs, whinnies, squawks, hums, etc. to all!

Love, Your Voice of Animals,


PS If you'd like more tips, ways to communicate with and help your animals lead their best lives, learn more on my website:

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