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Interspecies Communication NOW!

Updated: May 7, 2019

Interspecies communication, otherwise known as animal communication, intuitive, non-verbal communication, is heart-to-heart connection and a developed intuitive "muscle." Intuition is as important to us as thinking, perhaps even more so.

Science has recently "discovered" what ancient cultures knew and know; the heart has it's own ability to "think".  The heart has neurons that previously were thought to only exist in the brain. I have long believed that wisdom resides in the heart, knowledge is stored in the brain. The ancient Egyptians believed that the "mind" resided in the heart, not in the head. After death, it was the person's heart, not their brain, which was weighed against a feather to determine if the soul was pure enough to go on.

Our western culture has elevated thinking and knowledge above wisdom and intuitive "knowing." As a result, we've lost our connection to other living beings and to the Earth herself. This disconnection has resulted in us living in a state of fear and lack, causing "otherness," hate, insatiable craving for things, wars, destruction of the planet, not to mention depression, and disease. 

For reasons, I don't fully know, I came into the world with my intuitive abilities to communicate non-verbally on, active and working. Even though I shut them down for many years, my abilities returned to me in my late twenties, after some therapy to recover some part of myself I "felt" was missing.  I was determined to use my reawakened intuition to help animals, and to show others that you too have the same intuitive "muscle" in your hearts. You can, and need to remember how to access your intuition.

You Can and You Must

There is no more time to waste. Accessing and learning how to listen to and follow your intuition has become more important now than perhaps ever before. Why? Because it is this inner knowing, connected to Life and to Spirit, that will help you, me and all humans become whole again. As long as our collective energy is based in fear as it is now, we are doomed and many species with us. On the other hand, if we remember how to connect to the wisdom of the heart, open our intuition -- living in LOVE, connected to all LIFE -- all things are possible. Which path do you choose?

Change Begins with One Step

I ask each of you who love animals, the Earth and who believe that humans can be better than we are, to start developing your intuition as soon as possible. There are "how to" books too numerous to mention. If you're motivated to start by developing your intuition in order to communicate with your own animals, there are my books, and lots of others on animal communication. You can take classes and study. I am accepting applications for my Apprenticeship for those who want an intense "immersion." But the first step is to start breathing, quieting your mind and opening your heart to listen.

I invite you, no, I charge you to step up and reclaim your birthright and your power. You are needed. Together we WILL make a difference!

Join the Harmony Pack today and participate in our "Interspecies Communication Exercise Class" on Wednesday, June 20th. Click here to register.

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