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Help! My Dog/Cat is Terrified Of...

"Help! My dog is terrified of thunder and fireworks!"

"Help! My cat starts biting my hands when I try to touch his head!"

My Animal Communication clients call me throughout the year with these scenarios, but the calls are more frequent in late spring/early summer as weather systems increase barometric pressure changes, winds, thunder and lightening. And then there's the Fourth of July... More on that later.

How Can You Help Them Best?

1) If you don't know the cause, as in "My cat starts biting my hand when..." the first step is to do an animal communication session to find out why. When I work with an animal exhibiting an "undesirable behavior," step #1 is ALWAYS find out why. There is always a reason. Often it's physical pain. Sometimes it's emotional. Sometimes it's because they are mirroring something in the household that's out of balance. It can also be a trauma resurfacing from an earlier time in this lifetime or even another.

2) Once we find out the cause, we explore and find the best remedy or remedies.

What Are the Remedies?

1) Energy work can be a huge help. Reiki, TTouch, acupuncture, massage...I do my own energy work guided by the animal and our "helpers," angels and guides who are available for the animal's highest good.

2) Homeopathy and herbal support. Here are some of my favorites:

Rescue Remedy. Around since the 1930's, Rescue Remedy is a flower essence that works in and on the emotional body of an animal or human to support a state of calm. There are other excellent flower essences that can also help. Rescue Remedy should be in everyone's medicine cabinet and stable.

Composure. The L-theanine and B vitamins in this "treat" have been a literal lifesaver for some animals I've worked with who have been terrified of storms, including a lovely Australian Shepherd who had developed more sensitivity to noises as she aged.

Nutri-Calm. Nutri-Calm, formulated by my friend and holistic vet, Dr. Rob Silver, is a bit more "heavy duty" due to the sedating effects of valerian, but it saved a white German Shepherd I worked with who had jumped through a plate glass window in search of his person during a storm. This dog might have been euthanized if we hadn't found a non-drug alternative for him. With Nutri-Calm, he handled storms more peacefully and lived many more years.

Cat Nip and Silver Vine for cats. Most of you have heard of catnip, but check out silver vine for cats who say "meh" to cat nip.

Bark & Whisker's Stress Support. This cheddar cheese flavored sprinkle is full of excellent adaptogenic herbs, phytochemicals and neurotransmitters that are useful for any stress your dog or cat has to manage. See cautions if your companion is receiving chemo.

Kali Phosphoricum in a 6x potency. This homeopathic cell salt, recommended by another holistic vet friend of mine, Dr. Dee Blanco, aids in reducing anxiety, eases stress and rebalances the nervous system and can even help the body reduce pain. It has no side effects and will not interfere with any medications, herbs or supplements. The small pellets can be dissolved in water and mixed into food, unlike many homeopathic remedies.

What's BEST for your beloved? Let's ask them! Click here if you're new to me or here if you're a returning client. Together we'll help them feel safe and calm!

Stay tuned for more of my recommendations for supporting your companion during storms and fireworks.

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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