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De-stress with Animal Communication

You know how playing with, petting, snuggling, brushing, riding your beloved companions helps calm your nervous system. What about the art of "Animal Communication?" How does learning to listen help de-stress you AND your animal companions? It's simple really. The art of animal, or interspecies communication, is all about relaxing the body, grounding through the breath, quieting the mind and allowing information to come to you.

The First Steps

1) Relax your body. Find a good sitting position where your back is supported and you're comfortable. Sit up straight to allow your breath to flow better.

2) Close your eyes and start breathing slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on allowing your breath to move deeper into your belly with each slow inhale. This simple step helps your nervous system calm down and focuses your mind.

3) As you breathe deeply, visualize the oxygen and energy moving down past your hips, legs and feel the energy pooling in the soles of your feet. Visualize that energy reaching down into Mother Earth as she rises up to hold and support you. Now you're grounded.

In this state you are more relaxed, open and receptive. You'll feel more centered and present in your body. Your animals will feel better around you. Many of my students report that when they do this meditation, their animals gather around them. All of you will be calmer.

When you practice this simple meditation regularly, your mind slows down. Stress and tension melts away. With more oxygen flowing through your body, you're able to listen more with your heart. Animal communication is a receiving art. I believe it's an activity of a loving heart tapping into the innate wisdom we and all living creatures possess.

This same process works if you're hoping to connect with a beloved animal in spirit. The more you quiet your mind, emotions and expectations, the easier it will be for your animal in spirit to reach you.

Every Wednesday our Harmony Pack practices a similar, expanded version of this meditation to prepare us to receive messages from the Wild Ones. If you'd like to join us and practice this every week so that you too can do this at home as well, sign up at Your heart and mind will expand to embrace a new world of loving connection with the Natural World. Now, more than ever before, the animals are calling you...

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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