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Can My Dearly Departed Animal Come Back?

My video, "Do Our Pets Reincarnate? They Do!," * released in January 2020, has received over 1,000 views and I have gotten queries from all over the world from people wanting to know if their beloved animal can return to them. Of course, the simple answer is, "Yes, they can." As a result I have been helping more people reconnect with their animals and begin the process. There are important details involved in the "process." Here's what I have learned and how I support and facilitate a happy reunion via animal communication.

How Do Animals Perceive Death?

I can assure you that animals do not harbor the same angers and resentments about death that we humans do as they know they have had many lives before this one and will have many more lives. That deep sense of continuity creates detachment, few people can achieve. However, when your beloved animal does return in a new kitten, puppy, ferret, or foal body, it changes one’s perspective on death completely.

The Basics of How I "Facilitate" an Animal's Return

1) I facilitate the reincarnation process by communicating with the animal in spirit. First, and this is VERY important, we need to find out from her if it’s in her highest good and yours that she returns to you. If it is, then we discuss the when's, where’s and what she wants and needs in a new body. One of the most usual requests from the animal spirit is that we help her find the healthiest body possible. I have suggestions to help with that.

2) Once that’s clear, it will be up to you, her person, to help locate her based on the information she gave/gives us. I can likely get an idea of how far her mother may be from you, but it is not an exact “science.” An animal in spirit is outside of time, so to speak, and, of course, there are physical variables that she won’t be able to control.

3) The hardest parts are, #1 patience. The waiting can be tough. #2 Fear that you won't pick the right baby animal. In my experience, the reincarnating animal always makes it clear that she is who she was.

Does Physical Distance Matter?

My physical distance from her people makes no difference. Animals in spirit are in a “nearby” dimension. The fact that a family is in Australia and I’m in Colorado makes no difference as we’re all energetically connected. Tapping into the frequencies of humans in body and animals in spirit has become easy for me after lots of practice.

This is just an outline of how I "facilitate" the process. Each situation is different and involves all sorts of factors. As I mentioned above, this is not a "science," and there are always variables that no one can control. TRUST is a major component in each step of the journey.

If you wish to explore this process with me and your dearly departed animal(s), click here.

P.S. I have worked with so many reincarnating animals all over the world for so many years, I started a book about these experiences. I hope to finish it someday…

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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