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Calming Secrets for Frightened Furries!

Thunderstorm season is here. I've worked with dozens of dogs and a few cats over the years, who have had terrible panic attacks over thunderstorms. The good news is, I have some great tools in my tool box to help! Together we can find the one, or more likely the combination of remedies, that are just right for your beloved.

In my 25+ years of experience, I've observed that collies, Aussies, German shepherds -- herding dogs, are often the most sensitive to thunderstorms. Many of them have shared with me that their exquisite sensitivity that helps them stay so fine-tuned in their very responsible jobs, as well as their acute hearing, makes them struggle with the atmospheric changes that happen during storms, as well as the noise and vibrations of the thunder.

This information holds the key to the multi-faceted approach they need.

Atmospheric/barometric Pressure

Changes in the barometric pressure can put pressure on the sensitive ear drums as well as on joints, causing extra stress and discomfort. Extra moisture in the air, rain and wind can also upset finely-tuned senses.

Vibration and Noise

Lightening holds an intense vibration and varying types of lightening affect dogs differently. All of them charge the air with ozone particles. The obvious sound and noise of thunder can be painful to sensitive ears as well as loud and scary in its suddenness.


Again, it's important to find out which ones are right for your dog as there is not one-size-fits-all remedy when it comes to supporting their different issues and needs. A communication session with me will save you time, money and save your dog a lot of difficulty as we zero in on what she needs.

1) Rescue Remedy: Although it's not usually enough for the most sensitive dogs, it sets up a calming internal environment to build on.

2) Comforting music: Classical or "New Age" music can provide soothing sounds to mitigate distant rumblings.

3) A quiet, dark, cozy space: Many dogs will seek out a closet or the bathroom tub to create a den-like enclosure when storms are bad. Place a blanket in the tub and put a radio on if that helps.

4) Thunder shirts and Body Wraps: The Thunder Shirt and TTOUCH body wrap are excellent for calming a dog who is comforted by touch. They work by hugging the dog's body and grounding them.

5) Herbal Remedies/supplements: Two of my favorites are "Composure" by Vetri-Science and "Nutri-Calm," formulated by my friend, Dr Rob Silver for RX Vitamins for Pets."

Composure originally came in a liquid, but is now available in treat form for cats and dogs. I like that it has L-theanine from green tea and a host of B vitamins. Dogs stay calm, but alert. No drowsiness.

Nutri-calm is available from vets or in liquid form from It has Valerian root and L-Tryptophan which are sedative. NOTE: All dogs do not necessarily respond well to one or the other, which is why I can help determine which one can be best through a communication session.

There are some newer products on the market including Vermont Natural's "Calming Chews" and "Solliquin."  (See below for joining our Harmony Pack where we'll compare and contrast these and discuss all these options in more detail).

6) Comfort your dog: Recently a person asked me if by comforting her whining, restless  dog when she was frightened, was she reinforcing "bad" behavior? My answer was a question: "If your child was whining and frightened, what would you do?" Of course she said she'd hold him close and comfort him. I told her that her dog wasn't behaving badly, she was scared, just like a child. Please hug and love on your dog, to reinforce that you are "there" for her whenever she is frightened.

Learn MORE and go deeper into this discussion with others. We'll go into more depth on Wednesday, May 9th at our weekly Harmony Pack meeting. Join today at the special "AZ rate" to be with us live every Wednesday, get access to the recording, AND a library of 49 more recordings on nutrition, health challenges, reincarnation and messages from the Wild Ones. Go to for details. Your animals will thank you!

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