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Bonding Differences. Did You Know?

Updated: May 7, 2019

Pet Care specialists are often divided as dog or cat people, but rarely have I come across information that clearly points out the differences in the ways cats bond with people vs how dogs bond with people.

How Do Dogs Bond?

Most of us recognize the obvious  - dogs are pack animals. As pack animals, dogs are all about maintaining the harmony of the pack, which includes humans, dogs and sometimes cats and other non-human family members. They want to belong and contribute to their beloved pack by doing a good job.

How Do Cats Bond?

It turns out that cats are not as independent as many of us thought. Autonomous, yes, but they do care about their humans.

Interesting studies over the past few years have shown that cats prefer human interaction over toys and food in most cases!* And, I just love this part, cats will mimic or emulate the humans they are in relationship with. Are you curious? Are you aloof?  Are you a hugger, snuggler, cuddler? It turns out that most cats will follow your lead and match their behavior to yours!**

Bonding Keys


*Express lots of love and praise behaviors you wish to reinforce.

*Give them clear, consistent structure.

*Focus on what you want them to do, NOT on what you don't want them to do.

*Being a Good Alpha pack leader is very important. Good Alpha communication/energy is clear, calm, consistent and kind. Yelling will only create insecurity and distrust (except when used in emergencies.)


*Express love gently, respecting their boundaries and sensitivities.

*Create feeding routines that work for YOU. They'll follow..

*Role model the type of touch with them that brings you joy by praising them when they reciprocate.

Having Trouble with Clear Communication?

If you're having trouble communicating and creating harmonious bonds with your dogs or cats? Let's have an animal communication session to help you all understand each other better. Mutual understanding backed by love, ALWAYS makes a stronger bond!

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