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Behaviorist vs. Communicator

Over the years I've been asked how an animal behavior session differs from an animal communication session.

In a nutshell, the two come from very different perspectives. A behaviorist  deals with observed behavior of a species and an intuitive communicator deals with the individual's behavior.

"Science" vs Intuition

Here humans go again, creating duality and choosing one thing over another. Because animal behavior knowledge is "taught" in a school setting and is based on "scientific" research, it is often deemed more accurate and "proven," than intuitive  wisdom. Notice that I chose the words knowledge  - mental learning, vs wisdom - felt experience combined with knowledge.

For me and the animals I work with, my knowledge of dog, cat and horse behavior is important. BUT, being able to tune into and assess the individual animal's relationship within their human/animal family, as well as the personal purpose of the animal's behavior is essential!

How to Choose?

What is the particular problem happening with your dog, dogs, cat, cats or horse, horses?

1) Rule out any pain or physical problem. This is very important. We all know that pain and discomfort effect everyone's behavior!

2) Is the problem between different species in your household? Among members of the same species? Cats, dogs and horses relate completely differently to the world, the indoor space, and to us.  Looking at what's written about their behaviors can help you understand some general things.

3) Interview/question how a behaviorist might address and offer solutions to your problem.

4) Interview/question how an animal communicator might do the same.

5) Want to learn more and hear true stories of how different results happened with a behaviorist vs a communicator? Join our Harmony Pack today and register to be part of Wednesday August eight's phone conference event. Understanding the difference will save you time and money as well as provide your animal family with the option that best suits you all.

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