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Animals Who Choose to Do Therapy

Did you know that "therapy animals" are wise souls who choose to be healers?Many of you know, have read about and have seen therapy dogs, cats, rabbits, as well as horses in "equine assisted therapies" and have marveled, as I have, at their exquisite "knowing" of exactly what each human (or sometimes other animal) in their care needs and when to offer it. In the past, humans thought that what made a seeing eye dog or assistance dog was all about training. Dogs were "chosen" and often bred for the various programs based on their temperament and ability to learn from the trainer. It is interesting that there are dogs bred as "service dogs" who do not turn out to be service dogs. Why?

Over the years, humans have begun to pay attention on deeper levels, realizing that beyond the training and the breeding, there are special innate qualities that "therapy" animals have and express in beautiful ways.

Animals Choose Therapy Service

In my 30 years as an Animal Communicator, I have met countless animals who were therapy animals in action, officially or not! These animals are always wise, patient, deeply empathic, usually "bomb proof" and always, always extremely good at showing up exactly when they are needed with exactly the perfect action or gesture.

Those horses, dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and birds have all communicated to me that they have a purpose in this "work." It is a joy and a sacred trust for them. Even if not recognized by some of the humans around them, they know what they are doing and why. When a person is in their care, the person heals and becomes more whole in ways no human being can seem to facilitate. These Service animals are miracles in our lives and in our world.

In Service to the Divine

Many people see these animals in "service" to human beings. However, they have communicated to me that, while they are indeed helping humans, theirs is Service to the Divine. It is their expression of the "mission" to help us humans find their way back to Source, back to Love. This Service is to BE unconditional love in action.

Fiorino, an extraordinary Italian Greyhound I have the honor to know teaches, "Humans are on the cusp, the edge of remembering who you truly are. It is our great joy to work as the Creator's agents to lovingly nudge or sometimes push humans into remembering who you truly are -- beings who, when in Love, because you know we and the Creator love you, are always on course."

What is the Service animal in your life wish to tell you? Let's ask! Click here if you are new to me or here if returning.

With Gratitude Always for the Animals, and You,


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