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Your New Year Resolutions for Animals & Earth

Okay, so 2021 isn't starting out the way we all hoped with a break from Covid 19 and political drama, things we can't control or do much about. In fact, both are escalating. HOWEVER, now is the time for us to focus on what we can do, can influence -- ways we can make a difference every day in the world for animals, the Earth and humans too.

It's not all gloom and doom. Remember that there are examples of good people doing great things -- cooperating, collaborating, healing, helping animals, planting trees, gardens, developing sustainable companies, organizations dedicated to improving life on Earth, and seeking out more ways to to walk gently on our Mother.

Here's a Fun Idea...

Take some time to think of all the ways you're consciously choosing to contribute. I suggest you make a list a post it on your frig, in your office, the bathroom mirror...Anywhere you'll see it. It will serve as an affirmation that will uplift and encourage you.

If you like, you can make a few columns: 1) What I'm doing now 2) What I'd like to add/improve on. This is an excellent form of a "New Year's Resolution" because it shows you that you consciously care about your future and the future of all life! This is goal setting with an acknowledgement of how much you've already accomplished.

What You're Already Doing or Will Do

Here are some things you can feel good about on either list.

1) I choose Love over fear. Disciplining yourself with this one thing will guide you and create a foundation of Love in all you do.

2) I choose organic foods for myself and my animals whenever possible, eating and feeding with gratitude

3) I recycle/reuse everything I can

4) I shop locally and order from ethical companies

5) I am eliminating as much plastic as possible

6) I support sustainability, socially responsible companies, animal protection, social and environmental organizations. Make a list of those you wish to support this year and how much time and or money you plan to give.

7) I give my used clothes etc. to thrift stores aligned with causes I care about and I shop there.

8) I am committed to a healthy lifestyle for myself and my animals -- good, nourishing food, exercise for my body and soul, self-care, including positive thoughts and visualizing a healthy, harmonized future for all.

9) I speak up and vote for changes that heal fear-based divisions and help our world move towards inclusivity and enough food, shelter, purpose for all beings.

10) I create/participate in community in person, online, by phone

11) I simplify my life and my home, creating a sacred environment for myself and all my human and animal family members

12) I conserve energy as often as possible (turn off lights, computers, drive less...)

13) I spend time in and with Nature observing, entering into the quiet, deeply connecting

14) I commit to planting trees, perennials and growing herbs and/or veggies

15) I create opportunities to laugh, sing, dance, play, create beauty and share joy with my animals and other humans

My Harmony Pack met last night and here are some things our members are doing and and plan to do in 2021:

1) Focus on positive energy

2) Create a vegetable, flower and seed exchange with neighbors

3) Educate fellow dog and horse people in FB groups, in person

4) Volunteer

5) Create art, write books

6) Become a bee keeper and plant flowers for all pollinators

7) Practice yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Breathing -- Slow down!


National Wildlife Federation's Sustainable Products. Purchase these to add sustainable/reusable products to replace plastics, etc. AND support NWF in the process. Click here

Environmental Working Group's "Healthy Living for 2021 Guide", App, Green kitchen and cooking ideas, etc. Click here

Hoping these ideas inspire and support you and your animals. Thanks for all you do and who you ARE! To join our community, click here.

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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