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You Can Still Help

I want to thank you in advance for your outpouring of love and support for the animals of the devastating Marshall Fire in Boulder, CO. Many beloved dogs, cats and other pets were lost in the horrifically rapid flames that overtook neighborhoods.

However, over a hundred horses were saved and fifty dogs and cats. Forty of these have been reunited with their families and ten are being cared for while their families find housing.

As you know, Allecia Maine, our wonderful group or loving participants, and I did a healing/clearing for those who perished who may have been trapped in between worlds. The video is also for any person grieving the loss of a beloved animal or human. The recording is here on my Kinship with Animals YouTube channel.

Ways you can still help

Here are organizations supporting families who have lost their homes and need food, support, and supplies for their animals:

1) Humane Society of Boulder Valley's "Safety Net" for families needing supplies and support.

2) Colorado Community Foundation, Specify that your donation is for animal response and recovery.

3) Colorado Horse Rescue's Hay Bank, Free Horse Blankets, "Leg Up Program" for financial support.

4) I am available for FREE communication sessions for people whose animals were traumatized, injured or perished in the Marshall Fire. Please have any interested friends email me directly at

People have stepped up form all over the country to help and prove, once again that humans are basically kind, caring and selfless. May we cultivate being that way 100% of the time!

Please remember that I am here to support you and your animals in every way I can. Click here or here for an Animal Communication session with your beloveds. Stay safe and well.

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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