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To Give You Some Peace

It's a tough time for everyone right now. I thought you might enjoy a moment of love and peace break.

When you're ready, allow yourself to sit quietly and breathe deeply. Focus on the breath so it can calm your nervous system. Now read and enjoy...


Unconditional love, devotion, acceptance, loyalty...Is it any wonder that Dog spelled backwards is God?

"We do not dwell on the loss of something. We focus on what we have, not on what we don't have."

"Wagging a tail is not only an expression of joy, it moves joy though our whole bodies. It's wonderful to feel joy physically moving down our backs. You can do the same by dancing -- really letting yourself go into the feeling of joy. Try abandoning your whole body to joy and you'll feel what it's like to wag a tail."


The mysterious, magical cat connects earth and sky, wildness with domesticity.

"We joined you on your journey to help heal your spirits and bodies and to support you in being whole beings -- divine energy in physical form. We joined you on this journey to help you reconnect to God."

"A man who loves cats is often in touch with his sensual, feminine side."

"Human beings possess the gift of laughter. Cats possess the gift of purr."


To abandon oneself in the dance with a horse is to touch the Infinite.

"We love and admire humans who listen to us and with whom we develop and nurture mutual trust."

"We always seek out relationships with humans and other horses where we can grow, learn, and connect in a loving way."

"When you see that we are all connected, you will begin to heal. When you see the earth as an extension of yourselves as well as your source of life in form, the earth and all her inhabitants will heal."

All of these words come from my books, Conversations with Dog, Conversations with Cat and Conversations with Horse. Each book holds wisdom from these three special species who have agreed to help us find our way back to Source and remember who we truly are.

I hope that reading these words, and getting out your copies of the books to read more, will give you a little respite from the crazy human world currently swirling around us. And remember, this too shall pass. Love is all that matters.

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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