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New Year Message from the Animals

Dear Ones. We are on the verge of the most critical decade in this Cycle's history. This is a time of great contrasts. Human beings are at a Choice Point. This Choice Point will determine how difficult the future will or will not be for all life on Mother Earth. Many of you are awake and more are awakening. However, there are forces of fear, division, separation that seek to influence you and keep you from your true strengths. Now is the opportunity for you to learn the value of your Heart Wisdom. To see the mind for it's duality and choose heart wisdom over simple mind knowledge.

We can not emphasize enough that conscious awareness filtered through your hearts is THE most important tool at your disposal at this critical time. When you access your conscious awareness you will see beyond the small, petty distractions and perceive the bigger picture -- the one that tells you that EVERYTHING, every living, breathing being is connected by thoughts, feelings and actions. Every choice you make matters Think in connection. Feel in connection. Realize that everything you think, feel and do influences the whole of creation. Everything.

This may seem like a great responsibility. It is not a responsibility or obligation. It is an opportunity to co-create a better world for all. Start with the breath. The breath you inhale and exhale is the shared with every living being. Think about that. Take in a breath, and as you do, imagine that you are taking in the breath of lion, flea, elephant, eagle, hummingbird, bee, whale, dolphin, frog and salamander. As you breathe out you are giving breath back to the plants and trees, who in turn, breathe for the soil...

We are all One. Living. Organism. Like the cells in your bodies, we are all together for wholeness and balance. When you embrace this, human consciousness will explode and balance will be restored. Join your consciousness with ours. Breathe with us. Love is Breath and Breath is Love. This realization is what awaits you in the decade being born now.

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