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Keep Your Pets Safe During Fireworks

The 4th of July is this week, so it's important to plan now to keep your dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, horses safe from the scary noise and flashes.

Here's a check list to help you prepare:

1) Walk dogs early in the day, before noises start. Be sure to keep them leashed and have current tags on their collars (Cats too!) Make it a nice long walk if possible so they'll be calmer and want to sleep.

2) Be sure to have a recent picture and phone numbers for your vet and emergency clinic on hand in case they accidentally bolt or get out of the house.

3) Keep your animals inside starting in the afternoon. Horses should be in safe stalls.

4) Create a safe, cozy space in your bedroom or closet for them. If you're having a party, keep them in there at all times. You don't want a guest to accidentally let them out. Keep shades down and turn on soothing music, like classical (NOT the 1812 Overture) or anything you enjoy. Crank it up! You should have a radio or player in the barn as well.

5) Keep water and a litterbox in the safe room.

6) Check on them frequently to be sure they are okay. Stay calm and reassuring when you do so, so they won't feel any anxiety from you. If your companion is open to being touched, do gentle massage, Reiki or any loving form of touch Be sure to talk to them in soft, soothing tones, telling them that you're right here with them and the noises will pass. Adding a few drops of Rescue Remedy (below) to your hands before you touch will support your animal in receiving calm, loving touch and help keep you calm as well!

7) Have Rescue Remedy on hand. Add to the water bowl as well as put a few drops on your hands and pet them if they are stressed or upset. This can be done every 10 minutes or so.

8) Start giving them  "Composure", "Calming Chews by Pet Naturals of Vermont," a good CBD oil or chews now to help with the stress.

9) Teach children that fireworks and firecrackers are dangerous to animals with sensitive ears and nervous systems. Teach them to never take an animal near them or fire them off anywhere near any animal.

With some forethought and preparation, your beloveds will make it through this challenging time knowing that you're keeping them safe and sound.

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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