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How to Engage Your Recovering Animal

If your dog or cat has undergone surgery or is recovering from an illness, you can help increase healing and recovery by engaging them in safe, appropriate activities and by giving them loving touch and extra attention. Here are some ideas:

Create a Comfy Healing Space

Most dogs will want to be able to see what's going on and feel included. Create a healing space with her favorite blanket or bed in the living room or wherever you and the family spend a lot of time. Make sure your dog can see everyone, but is not in a high traffic area.

Tell her in a calm voice, "This is your special healing place, where you can be with us and also rest and recover." Gently massage her and encourage her to relax.

Most cats, on the other hand will want a quiet space away from the action. If your cat loves the closet, set up a box or basket for him on the floor, so he doesn't jump up on the shelves. Tell him that this is his healing place and you'll be checking on him regularly to be sure he's comfortable. Move a litter box close by (not too close) for easy access as needed. Clean it frequently, especially if your cat is on meds. The meds may change the odor of his "business" which might be unpleasant for him.

Remember that Rescue Remedy is a fantastic ally in keeping your recovering companion calm and relaxed. Energy healing techniques such as Reiki, Healing Touch and TTouch are superb ways to help them recover.

Mental Stimulation

Animals in recovery need mental stimulation.

* Teach your dog to give you one paw, then the other to shake.

* Hide a treat under a wash cloth or hold it hidden in one hand, ask him to find the treat or pick which hand it's in.

Keep your voice low, so he doesn't get too excited. Give lots of gentle affection and encouragement, like, "You are doing such a great job resting and taking care of yourself. I'm so proud of you!"

Cats will enjoy resting time by a window, especially if there's a bird feeder. Move a basket, blanket or bed there and carry her there in the morning or evening hours when she won't be sleeping as much. Remember the importance of gentle touch and encouragement. Listen for and encourage purring, a cats' natural healing mechanism.


Dogs need to go out to potty. Stay with them and use a leash if they are prone to running around or chasing squirrels. Small dogs can be carried around the yard once they've finished their business. Larger dogs may just want to lie outside and enjoy the sun and smells. Again, stay with them and enjoy the sun and smells too!

Be a partner in their healing by being present and gently engaged with them. Your beloveds will feel your support and be able to use all their energies for healing.

For help finding the best healing supplements, foods and creating a personalized program for your animal's best recovery, please contact me here or here. We can create a fantastic healing team!

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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