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Help For Your Elder Dog

Time flies so quickly. One day you have a lovable, crazy, exuberant puppy rushing around, and in a mere moment, he's an elder.

Instead of worrying about "the future," this is the time to celebrate his life with you, enjoy every minute and take special care to make his life full, interesting and happy. In my 29 years as an Animal Communicator, I have heard so many beloved canines ask their humans to be fully present and stop worrying. Worrying only takes you out of this moment and away from him. It causes you stress AND puts more pressure on your dog to lighten your load. This, at a time when he needs all his energy for himself.

Food & Exercise

Just like elderly humans, your dog needs physical and mental stimulation to stay young. Exercise needs to be adjusted to accommodate her need for slower, steady exercise. Catching a Frisbee or ball in mid air is no longer a good idea, but you could throw it along the ground for her to retrieve.

Daily walks are still essential. Just commit to going slowly and perhaps a shorter distance. Going for walks also provides vital mental stimulation. Your dog is "reading" the neighborhood "news" with her nose and ears! This also keeps her alert and aware of her surroundings.

The right food is critical. Food must be high quality. (This doesn't necessarily mean "prescription" or vet recommended diets as they are normally meant to be used for short periods of time until a situation is resolved). The less dry food, the better as it's got the most chemical residues, and is the most difficult to break down and assimilate. Switch to canned, re-hydrated freeze-dried, lightly cooked and perhaps raw. (I can help you choose the best options for your dog and coach you through the transitions).

There are excellent, safe supplements that facilitate digestion and support absorption and better assimilation. There are excellent Flower Essences that support graceful ageing -- both physically and mentally. Energy work like Reiki, Healing Touch and TTouch are superb for older dogs. And, of course there are very effective alternatives to drugs for mobility issues.

Holistic Support

It's important to check in with your holistic vet and Animal Communicator more frequently to be sure your dog's health remains vibrant. Even if your elder dog (9 years and older) is still acting like a puppy, it's important to check in more frequently because changes can happen suddenly sometimes.

With conscious awareness and good life-style choices, your beloved elder dog can enjoy her twilight years happy and in good health. Don't we want that for everybody?

To set up a session with me to evaluate your dog's needs, Click here, or here.

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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